How it all began in 2018

MooMoo’s entire vegan, line of gelato flavors has been freshly handcrafted and lovingly prepared in Ørestad since 2018 by our Gelato Master, Sofia Denoux.


Founder & Gelato Master

Sofia has visited Italy numerous times where has taken various gelato courses and has learned the craft from the best of the best. That is where she got the gelato inspiration and skills to create Moo Moo.


Sofia’s passion and love for gelato combined with her dedicated studies in the art of fine ice cream making show with every artisan creation that is passed across the counter display.


Sofia and Team Moomoo strive to create intensely satisfying, new flavor combinations that are aligned with the customers’ desires.

The result: a first-of-its-kind, best-in-class, artisan gelato and dessert lines of outstanding quality.

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New members & new path

In mid-2021 new partners came to join the MooMoo family.


Food Hygiene Expert

Line comes from a fødevarehygiejne background, where she has over 20 years of experience.

During this transition, we discussed which way we should lead MooMoo.We came to the conclusion upon leading MooMoo on a vegan journey.

The total exclusion of any kind of animal milk and cream in MooMoo gelatos will still thrill and sensitize your taste buds with its silky texture and true, rich taste. At MooMoo we love our cows, we care for the planet, and that’s why we are 100% plant-based.


New location - Nordhavn

On 05.03.2022, we opened our brand new store at Nordhavn.

With our new mission, it was time for a newer and bigger location where we could produce and sell our ice cream. We have spent months planning, developing, and renovating our new location.


Our dream of having a larger space where more gelato lovers could sit and enjoy their ice cream, but at the same time watch us make our ice cream finally came true.


We opened the doors of the new Moo Moo home on the 5th of March 2022.

Now we are part of the Nordhavn community where we plan on contributing primarily with a 100% plant-based creamy and silky Italian gelato.


If you have not visited us yet, you are certainly missing some happiness in the form of ice cream, which comes in over 20 flavors. Not only that, but most of them are also gluten-free, sugar-free, and keto!


We look forward to seeing all of you gelato lovers at Göteborg Pl. 15, 2150 Nordhavn!

Our hygiene reports


Name: Moo Moo Is ApS
Address: Göteborg Pl. 15, 2150 Nordhavn
Tel: Line – 27 62 49 99
Sofia – 27 89 11 16
CVR: 42634433
MobilePay: 460390