We Support

We Believe in Supporting and Giving Back to The People and The Community

At Moo Moo we believe that you cannot create success without helping others and giving something back. Our community, our children, our parents, and all the people around us need help in one way or another. We make sure that we always give back because life is not only about receiving, but also about giving.

That’s why during these 2 years we have supported various organizations that all have the same goal in mind – helping as many individuals as possible.


Troopers For Charity

Troopers For Charity is a nationwide association for adults and children founded by Star Wars enthusiasts in August 2017. The association builds on 3 basic values ​​- Community, Volunteering and Understanding.

The purpose of the association is to unite it to do good deeds for others, including especially vulnerable children and young people while having fun and showing off our Star Wars suits. All our work is 100% non-profit and all work is done free of charge and free of charge. However, when we are at events, we urge you to consider whether you can. have the opportunity to donate an optional amount to a charity in our name instead. In doing so, we are helping to ensure that especially vulnerable children and young people have every imaginable opportunity to receive the help and support they need.

Visit troopersforcharity.dk and make a difference

Cykling Uden Alder

Cykling Uden Alder is an important mission: to give the elderly the right to feel the wind in their hairs. Every day you can meet 450 rickshaws with red Kalechs around Denmark.

Hundreds of volunteer pilots make sure the elderly at the country’s care centers come out in rickshaws and feel the fresh air and get new experiences.

In this way, we strengthen the community between institutions and civil society and between generations.

Make sure to visit https://cyklingudenalder.dk/ and contribute if possible.

Copenhagen Falcons Junior Ice Hockey Team

At Moo Moo Isbar, we strongly believe that in order to have a brighter future, we must support the younger generations, because they are the ones that are going to make a difference. By supporting the Copenhagen Falcons Junior Ice Hockey team, we set an important example to the youngers, that we must help each other in order to grow not only personally, but also professionally.

We give the help that we would like someday our children to receive. Visit https://www.facebook.com/CopenhagenFalcons/ for more information.