Who are we?

Moo Moo’s entire vegan, line of gelato flavours has been freshly handcrafted and lovingly prepared in Ørestad since 2018 by our Master Gelatier, Sofia Denoux.

Completely vegan and gluten-free, with no milk or cream of any kind, we provide our discerning customers with gelato that is both creamy and delicate.
All of our ice creams are made completely from scratch using fairtrade and ecological ingredients, whenever possible.

Sofia’s passion and love for gelato combined with her dedicated studies into the art of fine ice cream making, shows with every artisan creation that is passed across the counter display.
Sofia and Team Moo Moo strive to create intensely satisfying new flavour combinations that are aligned with the customer’s desires.
The result: a first of its kind, best in class, artisan gelato and dessert lines with outstanding quality.


Sofia says

“I use mostly organic, seasonal fruits, top quality dark chocolate, Madagascar and Bourbon Vanilla beans, roasted almonds from Avola, Sicilian pistachio and Piedmont hazelnuts, imported from Italy, that are known to be the best in the world.”
“I trust my feelings, love, and passion for the art of gelato. I believe in respecting and taking care of our planet Earth, hence I am sourcing the best sustainable ingredients. I have the belief that our customers have to always come first and therefore receive nothing but the best from us, hence I make sure I fulfill their desires. These are the keys to MooMoo’s extraordinary results over the last 2 years.”

“The total exclusion of any kind of animal milk and cream in MooMoo’s vegan gelato will thrill and sensitise your taste buds with its silky texture and true, rich taste.
Mother Nature gives us everything we need to make vegan gelato a creamy, rich experience, it simply takes a little know-how, imagination and desire.
CHECK THIS OUT, soon we are introducing an all NEW, vegan soft ice to our vegan faithful customers. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so that you could be part of our journey and stay up to date.

At MooMoo we love our cows, we care for the planet, that’s why we are striving to become 100% vegan.”


The best ice cream parlours must offer an ice cream that is more than just good!

What makes us think “sustainable”?

Issues relating to sustainability are also a concern in the world of ice cream parlours.
They aren’t only confined to the ice cream itself but also the ingredients and production processes involved, as well as the choice of furniture and packaging in which products are served and presented.

An “eco-friendly ice cream parlor” uses organic products that are in harmony with the environment,
but sustainability comes at a cost. However, not being sustainable comes with at an even bigger cost. It is the choice of having the expense to the consumer or cost to the planet.
Here at Moo Moo Isbar, the planet always comes first. What is the point of worrying about the wallet, if there’s no planet.
We are working hard to avoid the use of plastic and we are in the process of phasing out as much “non-biodegradable” or “non-compostable” plastic packaging as we can over the coming year.

We bring back the 70’s with our milkshakes and ice cream cups, and we hope people will love and embrace it.

Our cups, spoons, and napkins are biodegradable, some are reusable. All of them are eco-friendly because we care about the environment.