Gelato Course – Kids

Ice Cream Course For Kids from 8 to 14 years old

Enrollment maximum 6 at a time.

(Could also be booked for a birthday)

This Ice cream course will give you an insight into the science behind Ice cream making.

We start with the hygiene and about how important it is that everything is clean. Everyone gets a disposable hat, apron, and gloves.
I will present a little story about ice cream, it involves where it comes from and how ice cream production has changed over time.

We will work with Vegan Ice cream

We will cover different ingredients, and we will go into details about the individual fruits that we can use, or the chocolate pasta that is typical in the ice cream production and how they affect both the flavor and texture of the ice cream.

We will work on recipes that are easy for children, giving each child the opportunity to give their input and use their creativity and ideas.
You have to be creative or just follow the recipe, it will be up to the kids.
There are no limits to creativity. We all go into the kitchen and test our ideas and get the experience of how ice cream is produced and how the taste can be so unique using the same fruit.

We finish the ice cream course with tasting and review of the production.

In addition, we will also learn how to make ice cream cones as it is both fun and tasty.

Diploma, medal, and all recipes and notes are handed out and the ice cream and the ice cream stick could be brought home.

The course is approved and takes place on the premises of Moo Moo Isbar located in Ørestad.

Registration could be multiple ways. By email to, call at 📞+45 93 10 10 33, or simply fill out and submit our contact form.

Price: 395,- / pr. child

Gelato for kids
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